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Nilgiri Hills Frost

Product no.: 037

Our unique winter star. Flakes of black interspersed with green particles. Golden liquor with slight astrigency

$5.38 / oz *

Nilgiri Tress

Product no.: 476

All Natural, India, Nilgiri

$5.67 / oz *

Nilgiri Pearl

Product no.: 479

All natural, India, Nilgiri

$5.38 / oz *

Nilgiri Bamboo

Product no.: 271

A striking leaf appearance, the name itself being perfectly descriptive. A mild, pale yellow liquor.

$6.25 / oz *

Minneapolis Sunset

Product no.: 003

Organic fruit blend with apple pieces, ginger peices, turmeric, fennel, orange peels, coriander, carrot pieces, rose hip peels.

$3.52 / oz *

Organic Ceylon Kandy

Product no.: 002

A Ceylon leaf tea with a good body, strong copper colored cup, and a pleasant mild flavorOrganic, Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

$3.93 / oz *

New Hashiri Shincha

Product no.: 040

A full green vegetable flavor, accompanied by an elegant, grassy aroma. A delightful sipping tea.

$17.90 / oz *

Organic Cacao Tea

Product no.: 430

South America

$4.78 *

New Marigold Lemon Tulsi

Product no.: 474

India, Organic

$3.99 / oz *

New Organic Kanchanjangha Estate

Product no.: 254

A little stronger and not quite as floral. Medium body cup. Nice leaf style with some tips.

$4.64 / oz *
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51 - 60 of 62 results