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Ginger Orange Peach (black)

Product no.: 403

India Organic/Fair Trade, customer favorite

$3.34 / oz *

Masala Chai

Product no.: 033

Organic black tea with ginger, cinnamon and green cardamom with ginger, cinnamon and vanilla flavors. Peoples favorite.

$3.50 / oz *

Herbal Rooibos Chai

Product no.: 270

Organic rooibos, crushed green cardamom, cinnamon chips, and ginger root with natural ginger, cinnamon, and vanilla flavors.

$3.90 / oz *

Flower Peach

Product no.: 134

Organic green tea hand tied in a peach shape with a globe amaranth flower inside.

$8.34 / oz *

Decaf Ginger Orange Peach

Product no.: 176

Organic decaffeinated black tea with ginger root, orange peel, and whole peach pieces. A refreshing fruity blend.

$4.19 / oz *

Fujian Jasmine

Product no.: 008

Downy needles with jasmine blossoms. Great jasmine flavor.

$4.54 / oz *

Phoenix Jasmine Pearls

Product no.: 235

High quality green tea is rolled with jasmine buds. Excellent aroma and rich taste.

$9.77 / oz *

Irish Breakfast

Product no.: 043

Avery classic blend with great flavor.

$3.21 / oz *

English Breakfast

Product no.: 042

This classic Korakundah blend steeps a red-gold cup with a smooth hearty flavor.

$3.18 / oz *

Monks Blend

Product no.: 044

A mellow blend of Darjeeling, Keemun, Nilgiri and Assam teas.

$4.28 / oz *
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11 - 20 of 71 results