Purple Leaf Tulsi

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Staple tea
from on 6/23/2020
I always have a Purple Tulsi in my cupboard. With warm earthy flavors and a touch of peppery goodness it's perfect any time of day. This is also great to have on hand during allergy and cold season. It has a way of opening up up your sinuses.
Fantastic Flavor, Complex and full bodied
from on 6/21/2020
I am a black coffee drinker. I usually like teas that aren't too bitter, but not sweet. I like mint teas, but sometimes I want something a little more mellow. This basil leaf is complex but not too sharp. It's the perfect level of body for me when I want something herbal that isn't too bitter or too light. I suffer from a lot of sinus and congestion issues, and I would drink this like a fish at night. Supposedly will help if you want to balance your blood sugars. Beautiful leaf, great smell.

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