Daisy 40 oz Glass Teapot

Product no.: 367
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This 40 oz glass teapot is composed of Borosilicate glass, an industry leader in durability and thermal shock resistance. This technologically advanced glassware appears delicate, but is actually stronger and more heat resistant than conventional glass. Since it’s totally transparent, it’s the perfect window to observe flowering teas blooming before your eyes with absolute clarity. From the minute you pick it up and pour your first cup, you’ll be impressed with the comfortable handle and the elongated spout’s precision pour. Serve up to 5 cups of beautiful flowering tea from this elegant teapot. Or if you prefer loose teas, simply insert the loose tea Infuser ,and watch as the infuser steeps perfect tea liqueur throughout it’s translucent glass wall, illuminating the perfect brew. Primula’s Daisy Teapot, with glass lid and infuser, is dishwasher safe.

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