Sandy has always loved creating and working with her hands and when Covid hit, there was plenty if time to start new things...

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New Men’s Bracelet 9”

Product no.: 2001

Handmade Men’s Viking Chain Bracelet 9"
All copper with coated wire and copper accents. The middle piece is a free moving slide.




$55.00 *

New Necklace 16”

Product no.: 2002

Hand Made Viking Chain Necklace
16” with copper rollo chain and lobster clasp, silver, copper,  glass and crystal accents.




$70.00 *

New Necklace 18”

Product no.: 2003

Hand Made Viking Necklace 18"
Silver plated copper with copper rose.




$80.00 *

New Silver Wire Bracelet 7.5

Product no.: 2004

Silver Wire Bracelet 7.5"
Handmade silver wire bracelet with copper accents and copper teapot clasp.




$50.00 *
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