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New Gift Certificate

Product no.: 999

Gift certificate in increments of $5.00 (unit = $5.00)

Order quantity of 1 get a gift certificate for $5.00, Order quantity of 2 get a gift certificate for $10.00 etc.

System will add automatically a shipping charge, which will be removed at the time of shipment. Will charge a flat postage fee of $1.00.

$5.00 / unit(s) *

New Decaf English Breakfast

Product no.: 268


Decaf English Breakfast, good body, small broken leaf

$4.06 / oz *

New Frosty Plum Spice

Product no.: 392

Great Christmans black tea, apple pieces, cinnamon, ginger cloves, amaranth + safflower petals, organic natural flavors

$3.95 / oz *

New Hashiri Shincha

Product no.: 040

A full green vegetable flavor, accompanied by an elegant, grassy aroma. A delightful sipping tea.

$17.90 / oz *

Organic Cacao Nibs Roasted

Product no.: 430

South America

Organic Cacao Nibs Roasted.

The cocoa beans are removed from the pod and further processed into cocoa nibs. They are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

$4.02 / oz *

Organic Kanchanjangha Estate

Product no.: 254

A little stronger and not quite as floral. Medium body cup. Nice leaf style with some tips.

$4.87 / oz *

Organic Mao Feng Green

Product no.: 130

A famous China Green with long wiry leaf

$4.46 / oz *

3 Chamber Tin

Product no.: 409

3-1/2 in x 6-5/8 in; 2-1/8 in
87 mm x 167 mm; 53 mm

$7.50 *

Ceramic Japanese Tea pot

Product no.: 489

26 Oz

Ceramic Japanese Tea pot with lid and steeping holes built into the spout. No infuser necessary. Natural sand glaze with splashes of blue. 

$37.00 *

Mother's Day Gift

Product no.: 686

Mother's Day Gift Box. In a beautiful black paper box, your mom will receive: 

        1 Silver Tin Canister with clear lid
#36   1 oz Gold Rush. Organic black tea with safflowers, marigold, cornflower, blue mallow flowers and passion fruit flavor. Excellent iced.
#162 1 One perfect cup of tea measure spoon
        7 paper filter tea bags

$16.00 / box(es) *

New White Japanese Tea Cup

Product no.: 729

White Japanese Tea Cup

6.5 oz, lead-free, High-fired Ceramic

$6.00 / unit(s) *

New Valentine's Day Tea For One gift set

Product no.: 807

Valetine's Day Tea For One Gift set

Nicely wrapped in a gift box:  A white procelan tea for one set and 2 tea hearts.

Tea For One is our simple and elegant solution for brewing a single serving of your favorite tea. The porcelain 12 oz. teapot nests in the tea cup until you’re ready to serve. It is microwave and top shelf dishwasher safe

$19.50 / set(s) *

New Valentine's Day Tea Hearts gift set

Product no.: 806

Valetine's Day Tea Hearts gift set

1 oz Anthony & Cleopatra black tea hearts 

A bold taste profile with deep red wine notes. Reminiscent of a seasonal Keemun.

1 oz Romeo & Juliet green tea hearts

Light liquoring cup of deliciously vegetative highlighting early seasonal green tea. Mild astringent finish.

$10.50 / set(s) *

New Organic Orange Puer

Product no.: 146

Organic, China, Yunnan

A combination of strong, smooth, dark puer and the refreshing taste of orange. Well-balanced sweetness that can pair with dry, spicy foods.100% Organic Puer Tea Leaves, Natural Orange Essence.

$5.60 / oz *

New Organic Ujaala

Product no.: 282

Organic, South India

Rejuvenate your energy with our Ujaala blend- a stimulating blend of black tea and spices. This is a perfect afternoon sipping tea.Slightly peppery with underlying sweetness.

Being in tune with nature (Prakriti) also means being in tune with your own nature. In Ayurveda, working toward a harmonious balance within one’s own nature and body constitution – Vata, Pitta and Kapha – helps bring Ujaala (light) into one’s life.

Ingredients: 100% Organic High Elevation South Indian Black Tea Leaves, 100% Organic Coriander, 100% Organic Cloves, 100% Organic Marigold (Calendula) Flower Petals.

$5.62 / oz *

New Organic Wuyi Rock Oolong

Product no.: 110

Organic, China, Fujian Province

Wild grown tea imparts raw flavor note on classic oolong. Finished extremely well

$14.26 / oz *

Pineaple Matcha

Product no.: 266

Green tea with pineapple and matcha

China Gunpowder green tea, candied pineapple bits, pineapplebits, pineapple,sugar, roasted rice,  flavor, Japan matcha

$2.21 / oz *

New Organic Vanilla

Product no.: 264

Organic, Assam

Black tea with natural vanilla


$3.45 / oz *

New Decaf Peach (black)

Product no.: 457


Decaffeinated black tea with peach flavor


$4.25 / oz *

New Organic Makaibari Autumnal

Product no.: 107

India, Darjeeling, Organic 


A Late season tea with a substantial body. Mellow cup.


$3.85 / oz *

New Organic Jasmine Silver Tips

Product no.: 081

Organic Fuijian, China

This high-grade organic green tea with abundant silver tips is generously scented with jasmine.  A beautiful, clean flavor that is delicious hot or iced.  It brews a darker cup than our Jasmine Pearl and is excellent served with spicy food.

$4.53 / oz *

New Silver Needle

Product no.: 295

Fujian,  China

Sweet, nectary aroma similar to peach.  The cup color is warm with a fruity flavor and crisp finish.   Easily the most enjoyable cup of silver needle we have had.

$7.93 / oz *

New Organic Montevideo 1st Flush

Product no.: 306

India, Darjeeling

This 1 st flush has a light body and mild astringency with a warm, familiar flavor (fruit, Muscato grape) but what makes the cup really shine is a distinct lilac aroma and flavor.

$4.70 / oz *

New Hira cast iron tea pot, 22oz

Product no.: 576

This Chinese cast iron teapot features a symmetrical pattern which looks like beads or droplets on the surface of the water. The pot has a Matte black outer finish with black enamel inside. Includes a removable stainless steel mesh infuser for brewing loose leaf teas. Should not be used on the stovetop.

7.25″ diameter (not including spout), 3.125″ height.
22 ounce capacity.

$55.00 *

Bake Apple (15 Pyramid tea bags)

Product no.: 808

Black tea and natural flavors, Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings, 15 Pyramid teabags

A true Newfoundland tradition. Astringent, jammy like fruit notes. Bakeapples... the pride of Newfoundland. Despite the name might suggest, the bakeapple isn't an apple at all. Rather, the tiny fruit is a berry.


$4.98 / pack(s) *

New White Christmas in Tea Canister

Product no.: 811

White Christmas Tea in beautiful Tea Canister with washi paper 3 1/2 ' diam. X 4 12' h.

2 oz White Christmas - Bai Mu Dan white tea, orange peel, almonds, rose petals, cinnamon chips, apple pieces and natural cinnamon orange spice flavor,

$21.40 / unit(s) *

New Noel Tea in Tea Canister

Product no.: 810

Noel Tea in beautiful Tea Canister with washi paper 3 1/2 ' diam. X 4 12' h.

3 oz Noel Tea - Black tea, orange peel, apple pieces, almond pieces, cinnamon chips, rose petals and natural flavors of cinnamon, orange spice and orange flavor

$21.60 / unit(s) *
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