Teas from Japan

Teas from Japan

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Product no.: 016

Sencha with toasted and puffed rice. A tea with good nutty flavor.

$5.76 / oz *


Product no.: 024

A roasted organic Japanese green tea. Rich nutty flavor.

$5.58 / oz *


Product no.: 225


An organic version of the powdered green tea used in the Japanese tea ceremony

$7.78 / oz *

Fukamushi-Sencha Special

Product no.: 303

Fukamushi-Sencha is a beautiful, emerald-green easy-drinking tea. It contains a slight astringency with mild aroma and flavor. Very popular in Japan.

$7.56 / oz *

Bancha Suruga

Product no.: 336


Produced from the bottom part of the leaf, Bancha is slightly less aromatic and somewhat more astringent than Sencha. It is appreciated for its flavor. This Suruga has a balance of briskness, astringency and herbaceous flavor with a fresh grassy aroma.

$6.67 / oz *


Product no.: 337


Genmaicha blended with Matcha powder, it is slightly sweet and highly aromatic.

$6.30 / oz *

Green Kukicha

Product no.: 338

Japan, customer favorite green tea

$7.78 / oz *

Gyokuro Kin

Product no.: 339


$14.99 / oz *

Sencha Fuka-Midori

Product no.: 459

$8.81 / oz *

Apple Sencha

Product no.: 304

In a marriage of dry apple bits and apple flavor, Apple Sencha is a great option to apple cider on a cold evening offering the pleasure of sweet-sour apple.

$9.10 / oz *

Strawberry Sencha

Product no.: 410

$4.73 / oz *

New Hashiri Shincha

Product no.: 040

A full green vegetable flavor, accompanied by an elegant, grassy aroma. A delightful sipping tea.

$17.90 / oz *

Yuzu Kukicha with Matcha

Product no.: 140


Yuzu is distinct from lemons, limes, or any Western Citrus fruit. Mild vegetable flavor of Kukicha is perked by unique citrus flavor while Matcha adds sweetness. 


$11.90 / oz *
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