Teas from India

Teas from India

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Organic Assam

Product no.: 049

Product Description A fine, whole leaf tea with some golden tips. Sweet and smooth.

$3.19 / oz *

Halmari Estate

Product no.: 329

This rich Assam is wonderfully malty and tippy.

$3.92 / oz *

Assam -- Chai Base

Product no.: 401

India, Assam

The process of cutting, tearing and curling the leaf after it is rolled, produces an extra strong, thick and spicy tea.

$5.09 / oz *

Assam Golden Tips

Product no.: 634

India, Assam, FTGFOP1 CL, customer favorite black tea

$8.76 / oz *

Makaibara/ Jungpana Estate Second Flush

Product no.: 005

A fine organic tea Makaibari, medium body with a wonderful aroma and a smooth taste.

$5.20 / oz *

Assam Golden Sunrise

Product no.: 007

Assam, India

A delightful breakfast blend to give a kick-start to your day. A deep umber liquor with a full-bodied cup and classic Assam maltiness.

$4.14 / oz *

Risheehat / Puttabong Autumnal Darjeeling

Product no.: 335

India, Darjeeling, FTGFOP-1

Wonderful aroma and smooth tasting autumnal Darjeeling.

$4.46 / oz *

Organic Singbulli Estate

Product no.: 330

What a wonderful first flush Darjeeling from highest elevelated estate in the region.

$9.31 / oz *

Nilgiri Black

Product no.: 022

India, South Nilgiri,FOP, Organic

$3.34 / oz *

Nilgiri Tress

Product no.: 476

All Natural, India, Nilgiri

$5.95 / oz *

Nilgiri Pearl

Product no.: 479

All natural, India, Nilgiri

$5.65 / oz *

English Breakfast

Product no.: 042

This classic Korakundah blend steeps a red-gold cup with a smooth hearty flavor.

$3.34 / oz *

Monks Blend

Product no.: 044

A mellow blend of Darjeeling, Keemun, Nilgiri and Assam teas.

$4.49 / oz *

Makaibari Estate Green

Product no.: 014

A wonderful leaf style and excellent taste. A must try for tea lovers.

$5.69 / oz *

Korakundah Estate Green

Product no.: 023

A unique green tea. Rich in flavor and taste.

$3.34 / oz *

Green Leaf Tulsi

Product no.: 472

India, Organic

$3.77 / oz *

Purple Leaf Tulsi

Product no.: 471

India, Organic

$3.77 / oz *

Darjeeling 1st Flush Special

Product no.: 001

Hand picked,  this first flush Darjeeling is light and bright with a hint of briskness and a fruity citrus nose.

$11.14 / oz *

Organic Temple Chai

Product no.: 258


Organic black tea with cardamom and vanilla - clean, fragrant

$3.72 / oz *

Nilgiri Hills Frost

Product no.: 037

Our unique winter star. Flakes of black interspersed with green particles. Golden liquor with slight astrigency

$5.65 / oz *

Nilgiri Bamboo

Product no.: 271

A striking leaf appearance, the name itself being perfectly descriptive. A mild, pale yellow liquor.

$6.56 / oz *

Hari Talvar (Green Sword)/Nilgiri Slender

Product no.: 475

Natural, India, Nilgiri

$6.15 / oz *

Marigold Lemon Tulsi

Product no.: 474

India, Organic

$4.19 / oz *

New Organic Ujaala

Product no.: 282

Organic, South India

Rejuvenate your energy with our Ujaala blend- a stimulating blend of black tea and spices. This is a perfect afternoon sipping tea.Slightly peppery with underlying sweetness.

Being in tune with nature (Prakriti) also means being in tune with your own nature. In Ayurveda, working toward a harmonious balance within one’s own nature and body constitution – Vata, Pitta and Kapha – helps bring Ujaala (light) into one’s life.

Ingredients: 100% Organic High Elevation South Indian Black Tea Leaves, 100% Organic Coriander, 100% Organic Cloves, 100% Organic Marigold (Calendula) Flower Petals.

$5.62 / oz *

New Decaf English Breakfast

Product no.: 268


Decaf English Breakfast, good body, small broken leaf

$4.06 / oz *

New Organic Vanilla

Product no.: 264

Organic, Assam

Black tea with natural vanilla


$3.45 / oz *

New Decaf Peach (black)

Product no.: 457


Decaffeinated black tea with peach flavor


$4.25 / oz *

New Organic Makaibari Autumnal

Product no.: 107

India, Darjeeling, Organic 


A Late season tea with a substantial body. Mellow cup.


$3.85 / oz *
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