Teas from China

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Flower Peach

Product no.: 134

Organic green tea hand tied in a peach shape with a globe amaranth flower inside.

$8.34 / oz *

Lotus Candlestick Jasmine

Product no.: 135

Green tea with a jasmine flower, blooms into a lotus shape.

$8.39 / oz *

Fujian Jasmine

Product no.: 008

Downy needles with jasmine blossoms. Great jasmine flavor.

$4.54 / oz *

Phoenix Jasmine Pearls

Product no.: 235

High quality green tea is rolled with jasmine buds. Excellent aroma and rich taste.

$9.77 / oz *

Lapsong Souchong

Product no.: 151

A China specialty from Fujian province, Fine black tea is smoked over pine wood fires.

$2.23 / oz *

Monkey Picked Oolong

Product no.: 152

A superb Oolong. Lightly oxidized and exquisite all around.

$7.62 / oz *

Hunan Red Oolong

Product no.: 149

Hauntingly piquant with toasty flavor notes. Very stylish leaf. Full bodied with reddish cup and infusion.

$14.99 / oz *

Green Pu-Erh Cake "Yunnan Chitzu Pincha" (priced per 1 cake)

Product no.: 067

It is manufactured from puercha, through a process of optimum fermentation and high temperature steaming and pressing.

$45.95 / box(es) *

Pu-Erh Tuo Cha

Product no.: 051

Pu-Erh in a miniature bird's nest chape

$3.48 / oz *

Pu-Erh Tea Nr. 1 (Loose Leaf)

Product no.: 006

A well made, even leaf style steeps a stronger cup.

$3.72 / oz *
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1 - 10 of 24 results