Top 10 of pour best selling teas our customers purchased during the last 12 months.

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Product no.: 225


An organic version of the powdered green tea used in the Japanese tea ceremony

$7.78 / oz *

Apple Sencha

Product no.: 304

In a marriage of dry apple bits and apple flavor, Apple Sencha is a great option to apple cider on a cold evening offering the pleasure of sweet-sour apple.

$9.10 / oz *

Lung Jing (DragonWell)

Product no.: 020

Classic, flat Lung Ching leaf style. This tea has a rich, nutty but sweet flavor that will satisfy your palette.

$10.97 / oz *

Sencha Fuka-Midori

Product no.: 459

$8.81 / oz *

Assam Golden Tips

Product no.: 634

India, Assam, FTGFOP1 CL, customer favorite black tea

$8.76 / oz *

Five Peaks

Product no.: 017

Fresh, fruity, pleasantl and slightly astrigent, very appealing

$4.98 / oz *

Organic Earl Grey

Product no.: 031

Organic black tea with Earl Grey bergamot flavor.

$3.72 / oz *

Masala Chai

Product no.: 033

Organic black tea with ginger, cinnamon and green cardamom with ginger, cinnamon and vanilla flavors. Peoples favorite.

$3.68 / oz *

Phoenix Jasmine Pearls

Product no.: 235

High quality green tea is rolled with jasmine buds. Excellent aroma and rich taste.

$9.98 / oz *
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