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Organic Earl Grey

Product no.: 031

Organic black tea with Earl Grey bergamot flavor.

$3.54 / oz *

Irish Breakfast

Product no.: 043

Avery classic blend with great flavor.

$3.21 / oz *

Yorkshire Harrogate

Product no.: 048

$3.02 / oz *

French Breakfast

Product no.: 285

This is a unique blend of extra strong bodied black teas with vanilla.

$5.35 / oz *

Lavender Earl Grey

Product no.: 293

The aroma of lavender is perhaps the perfect complement to the sweet citrus and full-bodied flavor of Earl Grey.

$7.20 / oz *

Scottish Breakfast

Product no.: 301

A blend of hearty and rich black teas. Great with milk. Full body and great taste.

$2.67 / oz *

Himalayan Breakfast

Product no.: 302

A delightful blend of Assam and Darjeeling black teas. A perfect compliment with milk and sugar.

$5.53 / oz *

Russian Caravan Fruity Tea

Product no.: 408

$2.71 / oz *

English Breakfast

Product no.: 042

This classic Korakundah blend steeps a red-gold cup with a smooth hearty flavor.

$3.18 / oz *

Monks Blend

Product no.: 044

A mellow blend of Darjeeling, Keemun, Nilgiri and Assam teas.

$4.28 / oz *

New Organic Earl Grey Creme

Product no.: 026

Organic black tea with Bergamot and vanilla 

$3.11 / oz *

Assam Golden Sunrise

Product no.: 007

Assam, India

A delightful breakfast blend to give a kick-start to your day. A deep umber liquor with a full-bodied cup and classic Assam maltiness.

$3.94 / oz *
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