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Black Pu-Erh Cake

Product no.: 066

China, Yunnan, in gift box

$45.95 / box(es) *

Green Pu-Erh Cake "Yunnan Chitzu Pincha" (priced per 1 cake)

Product no.: 067

It is manufactured from puercha, through a process of optimum fermentation and high temperature steaming and pressing.

$45.95 / box(es) *

New Scottish Caramel Puerh

Product no.: 288


Full bodied with excellent caramel and toffey notes, Smooth with a sweet finish. Black tea with Almond pieces (Allergens !) and natural flavors. 

$5.01 / oz *

Pu-Erh Tuo Cha

Product no.: 051

Pu-Erh in a miniature bird's nest chape

$3.72 / oz *

Pu-Erh Tea (Loose Leaf)

Product no.: 006

China, Hunan, Organic

A well made, even leaf style steeps a stronger cup.

$6.95 / oz *

Ancient Pu_Erh #2

Product no.: 278

Full-bodied organic Pu-Erh . Smooth with earthy sweetness and a little taste of cocoa.

$7.97 / oz *

Organic Orange Puer

Product no.: 146

Organic, China, Yunnan

A combination of strong, smooth, dark puer and the refreshing taste of orange. Well-balanced sweetness that can pair with dry, spicy foods.100% Organic Puer Tea Leaves, Natural Orange Essence.

$5.71 / oz *
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