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Moroccan Mint Tea

Product no.: 145

Organic green tea with peppermint

$3.46 / oz *

Green Pinacolada

Product no.: 223

Pan fired green tea, shredded coconut, pineapple bits, coconut & pineapple flavor.

$3.80 / oz *

Energy Tea

Product no.: 272

Green tea, rooibos, ginseng root, linden blossom, rose petals, lemon and orange granules with natural lemon and orange flavors

$3.91 / oz *

Ginger Orange Peach

Product no.: 030

China, Organic

Organic green tea with ginger root, orange peel & peach, flavored with natural ginger,orange and peach & blended safflowers.

A refreshing blend.

$3.97 / oz *

Apple Sencha

Product no.: 304

In a marriage of dry apple bits and apple flavor, Apple Sencha is a great option to apple cider on a cold evening offering the pleasure of sweet-sour apple.

$9.10 / oz *

Strawberry Sencha

Product no.: 410

$4.87 / oz *

Pineaple Matcha

Product no.: 266

Green tea with pineapple and matcha

China Gunpowder green tea, candied pineapple bits, pineapplebits, pineapple,sugar, roasted rice,  flavor, Japan matcha

$2.32 / oz *

Organic Blueberry Green

Product no.: 181


A delicious blend of Sencha Green Tea and blueberries, both known for their antioxidant. Relax amd unwind with this nourishing and tasty tea blend


$5.79 / oz *

Organic Passion Fruit Green

Product no.: 384


A touch of Passion fruit gives this sencha green tea a typical twist in this refreshing, thirst quenching blend. Delicious hot or iced! 


$5.73 / oz *
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