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Red Fruits

Product no.: 028

Black tea with safflowers, cranberries, raspberries and strawberries

$3.44 / oz *


Product no.: 034

Organic black tea, ginger root, ginger flavor.

$3.47 / oz *


Product no.: 036

Organic black tea with safflowers, marigold, cornflower, blue mallow flowers and passion fruit flavor. Excellent iced.

$3.55 / oz *


Product no.: 038

Organic black tea, mango pieces and marigold flowers.

$3.47 / oz *

Tango Squeeze

Product no.: 041

Black tea with mango, a dash of passion-fruit & orange.

$3.01 / oz *

Empress Blend - Rajini

Product no.: 291

Black tea, lavender, and rose petals with natural mango and peach flavors

$5.34 / oz *

Black Currant

Product no.: 393

$3.16 / oz *


Product no.: 480

Organic/Fair Trade

$3.71 / oz *

Ginger Orange Peach (black)

Product no.: 403

India Organic/Fair Trade, customer favorite

Organic Black Tea, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Peach Pieces, with Natural Flavors. A refreshing, fruity blend.

$3.69 / oz *

Hibiscus Ginger Tea

Product no.: 396

$4.82 / oz *

New Citrus Spice

Product no.: 032

Black tea with cinnamon chips, orange peel and cinnamon & Orange spice flavor

$3.61 / oz *

Organic Vanilla

Product no.: 264

Organic, Assam

Black tea with natural vanilla


$3.55 / oz *

Bake Apple (Pyramid tea bags)

Product no.: 808

Black tea and natural flavors, Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings, 15 Pyramid teabags

A true Newfoundland tradition. Astringent, jammy like fruit notes. Bakeapples... the pride of Newfoundland. Despite the name might suggest, the bakeapple isn't an apple at all. Rather, the tiny fruit is a berry.


$4.98 / pack(s) *
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