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Darjeeling 1st Flush Special

Product no.: 001

Hand picked,  this first flush Darjeeling is light and bright with a hint of briskness and a fruity citrus nose.

$11.14 / oz *

Anthony & Cleopatra (tea hearts)

Product no.: 159

Stamped tea hearts. This makes a beautiful birthday gift

$3.48 / oz *

Assam -- Chai Base

Product no.: 401

India, Assam

$4.85 / oz *

Assam Golden Tips

Product no.: 634

India, Assam, FTGFOP1 CL, customer favorite black tea

$8.34 / oz *

Risheehat / Puttabong Autumnal Darjeeling

Product no.: 335

India, Darjeeling, FTGFOP-1

Wonderful aroma and smooth tasting autumnal Darjeeling.

$4.25 / oz *

Grand Keemun

Product no.: 150

Defined leaves, mellow, rich infusion, smooth finish!

$5.04 / oz *

Guranse Estate Organic

Product no.: 332

Nepal (Dhankta Hills), FTGFOP-1, Organic.

One of the finest estates in Nepal. Excellent bouquet and taste.

$5.42 / oz *

Halmari Estate

Product no.: 329

This rich Assam is wonderfully malty and tippy.

$3.73 / oz *

Nilgiri Pearl

Product no.: 479

All natural, India, Nilgiri

$5.38 / oz *

Nilgiri Tress

Product no.: 476

All Natural, India, Nilgiri

$5.67 / oz *

Organic Keemun Mao Feng Special

Product no.: 331

One of the finest Keemun's, exquisite and rare. A long and wiry leaf with some tips.

$8.88 / oz *

Makaibari / Jungpana Estate First Flush

Product no.: 004

The first organic and bio-dynamic estate of Darjeeling. Great taste.

$4.62 / oz *

Makaibara/ Jungpana Estate Second Flush

Product no.: 005

A fine organic tea Makaibari, medium body with a wonderful aroma and a smooth taste.

$4.95 / oz *

Milima Estate

Product no.: 333

Kenya, GFOP

A stylish leaf with some golden tips, full body and rich aroma.

$3.93 / oz *

China Black Breakfast

Product no.: 039

A full-bodied and smooth breakfast blend with hints of sweet caramel and spice.

$6.49 / oz *

New Vithanakanda

Product no.: 155

A wiry, extra long and tippy leaf style that brews a full bodied and smooth cup.

$5.66 / oz *

Organic Assam

Product no.: 049

Product Description A fine, whole leaf tea with some golden tips. Sweet and smooth.

$3.04 / oz *

Tanzania Black

Product no.: 402

Tanzania, Njombe region

$3.45 / oz *

Organic Singbulli Estate

Product no.: 330

What a wonderful first flush Darjeeling from highest elevelated estate in the region.

$8.87 / oz *

Yunnan Royal Gold

Product no.: 046

An all gold tipped Yunnan, with a rich aroma and a smooth, delicate taste.

$10.10 / oz *

Nilgiri Hills Frost

Product no.: 037

Our unique winter star. Flakes of black interspersed with green particles. Golden liquor with slight astrigency

$5.38 / oz *

Bamboo Temple Yunnan

Product no.: 127

China, Yunnan.

Assam-like briskness with a fresh Yunnan buttery toast and jam finish. Milk will give this tea a malty depth.

$2.93 / oz *

New Organic Kanchanjangha Estate

Product no.: 254

A little stronger and not quite as floral. Medium body cup. Nice leaf style with some tips.

$4.64 / oz *

Organic Ceylon Kandy

Product no.: 002

A Ceylon leaf tea with a good body, strong copper colored cup, and a pleasant mild flavorOrganic, Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

$3.93 / oz *
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